Money Making Craft Ideas to supplement income

Money Making Craft Ideas are a good way to start a business on a shoe string. With a little bit of creativity and some resourcefulness you can develop any craft/hobby into a good source of supplemental income.

If this sounds like a good thing, you may still wonder: what can I make? How would I sell it and how much should I charge for it?

1. Think of something you like doing

2. Think of something that people like but would not take the time to do.

3. Think also of something you do that people always compliment you on.

4. Maybe something people ask you to help them with.

5. Is there anything that you collect, that you could really make yourself?

Any of those can spark the seed of a plan. To get the flow going here are a few suggestions.

Money making craft ideas.


The first idea that pops to mind is decorations. Often the costs are minimal: Last year for instance, on my daily walks I noticed that the woods were littered with acorns- I chose a few pretty ones not even knowing why.

I took them home and while cleaning them it occurred to me that they would look nice on the Christmas tree. I went to Michaels(craft store) got some spray paint and glitter and inexpensive hooks and voila :I had made some pretty decorations- I got a ton of compliments at our family’s Christmas party. This past year I collected quite a bunch and made a box of multicolored ones for each of my brothers and sisters and their families. The thanks and compliments were many.

This is something that I can easily turn into a hobby and sell on the net, flea market or to craft stores. Because, the raw materials are either free or cheap they can be sold at a very reasonable price. To top it off, this is a “Green" product that will contribute to the safety of our planet. This is a definite win-win money making craft idea!


Extend the thought a bit further by adding pretty ribbons, buttons, artificial or dry flowers and you can make very attractive wreaths. With this money making craft idea, you are not limited to Christmas they can be made for anniversaries, thanksgiving holiday, promotions, new babies, birthdays or weddings.

Market them through e-bay, craft stores, flea market, on consignment, with flyers, craft parties, give out some as a form of advertisement- small retail businesses will appreciate that, you can leave your card nearby so people can reach you if interested.

Give a few to your friends with pictures, maybe they’ll find someone at work who is interested in purchasing them. Send a complimentary one to the Human resources or purchasing departments of local businesses with a few of your cards for future orders.

An e-book

Create step by step instructions on how to make those simple crafts and use a PDF software to create an e-book. Place your e-book with click bank or try to sell it yourself to schools or senior centers, girls and boy scout centers, on your own website or blog. This is one of the simplest money making craft ideas.


For those of us who know how to saw and knit or know their way around a sewing machine. Baby blankets, bibs, quilt bags, lap quilts regular blankets, Quilts, shams, pretty scarves, decorative pillows, quilted placemats, wall hangings, , quilted pillows and even pet quilts. Let it be known that your custom quilts can be commissioned by customers – all this makes quilts a very versatile craft idea You can extend it to selling quilt kits for others to make –

Have shows at public libraries or teach the trade at continuing educations adult classes in colleges or learning centers. You could also place your creations in shops on consignment as well as marketing them to small catalog companies.


Do you constantly get complimented on your photos? Or do you just think you are good at it? Either way this could be a money making craft idea by selling your photos to websites that sell stock pictures .

You can also enter your photos in contests for prizes. As well as Marketing them to magazines, newspapers and greeting cards manufacturers or sell them yourself at craft fairs.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a fun hobby that may entail a little bit of research into what’s popular and sells,. You of course can make what you please but for business purposes and money making craft ideas , you will focus mostly on the items that you can move and those that would cost the least in order to attract customers.

Custom jewelry can be made out of almost anything, from shells to beads to cords to metals to stone; your limit is the imagination.

I have a soft spot for shells and have spent many hours on several vacations looking for the prettiest ones with which I have fashioned nice fun summer jewelry. It’s always summer somewhere and with the net they can be sold year around.

Making Badges

Do you like to label and categorize things? Badge making might be for you. There are badge making machines and blank badges that will allow you to create your own designs. This is more of a niche area and you would have to research potential buyers. An example of possible customers would be event’s organizers who sometimes require attendees to wear badges- good opportunity for large quantity sales.

Money making craft ideas that you pursue can be easily marketed. Even if you are not up to starting your own website, others like are the perfect playground for selling your handmade goods of all sorts.

Money making crafts ideas are plentiful and I will keep adding them in the hope that you find something that will spark your interest.

To be continued......

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