Searching for Money Making Ideas? These could fit the bill.

If most money making ideas from the net seem like scams, you are right to be cautious.

In our interconnected world, the computer is a logical place to start. Invest the time to research and scrutinize and you may discover some proven, legitimate opportunities to suit your needs. However, not every way of making extra money involve the net and we will look at both types.

What are some pressing reasons to seek new money making ideas?

A pile of debt, a job loss, building an emergency fund, a lack of retirement savings are all great reasons for finding supplemental income. Minimizing future risk by creating a totally independent source of earnings from your salary is also a great money management approach.

Money Making Ideas From Existing Assets

  • Do you have a finished basement or even an extra room that you can rent out? (caution should be used in getting quality tenants).

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  • Are you good with children and have the space and time ? You could take on a couple of full time baby sitting assignments. This money making idea will give you a steady flow of income.

  • Are you great with a specific subject? then explore after-school/ week-end tutoring. (if the child is under 18, make it a condition that a parent always be present during sessions). You can advertise in the local paper, local supermarket board, your nearest college student lounge or sign up with a local non-profit that pays tutors for their services. There are also online tutor-finding service like Wyzant that can provide a steady stream of tutorial assignments.

  • If you are a great house or garage organizer, offer those skills for a fee.

  • Are you an accountant, bookkeeper or have you taken one of those H&R block tax courses? Offer your services to local small business, advertise in your local paper, distribute fliers. do a good job and the referrals will come rolling in.

  • Do you have a hobby such as craft jewelry? baking? let the word spread. A friend of mine built a small fish pond in his backyard, it was such a success that his neighbors on both side asked him to build them one. He charged 3,000 each just for the labor without the material. It's been 4 years since and he has averaged one to two orders every spring/summer.

  • How about dog walking? (Could be a good little business in a city such as Manhattan).Dog walkers can charge $15 to $25 an hour, per dog. House sitting for vacationers? Power washing decks and patios?

  • Do you love to give parties and entertain? Start a small event planning business.

  • If you like children and are good with them, buy a clown suit and balloons and advertise to be hired at birthday parties, schools and community events.

  • Become a secret shopper.
Do some research and make sure you are not breaking any community license or insurance requirements.

Money Making Ideas On the Internet.

  • Become a virtual assistant.( Deal with e-mails, data entry, research) You can do it for busy individuals or small businesses who cannot afford full time help. Take a look at

  • You can freelance or consult for any skills you have (bookkeeping, IT, writing, design etc photography) by advertising yourself and submitting bids on or As you get good feedback and your reputation grows, you'll get more jobs. Elance has a video that explains the process.

  • Do you have writing skills? become a blogger. Write content for companies( and are good examples.) OR get your own blog and monetize it (Google adsense is almost universally used for text ads that bring in money.) Become a copy-writer and change the course of your financial and work-life, the

    AWAI copywriting training program can help put you ahead of the game and fast-track your success.

  • Companies such as pay good money for product reviews. It takes some skills however and the subject may not be as exciting as your own blog.

  • One of the easiest ways to make money on the net is by getting a website and writing about a subject that you are passionate about. You monetize it by becoming an affiliate of companies whose business relate to your topic. Do your research and be certain you only associate with companies offering good products (your reputation is at stake) I have used this method myself and my favorite affiliate company is: Site Build It! It pays an Outstanding $75 per Site Build It! sale, in addition to residuals on all yearly renewals.

    I am such a fan that I purchased and used their product to build this very site. BlockBuilder 2

  • Take Online Surveys. You won't make a fortune but something is better than nothing. is a legitimate company. Like everything else on the net. Do your research before investing your time.

Do you have a good legitimate money-making idea?

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